If you're visiting this website, there's a good chance that you, or someone you know, is either laid off or soon may be... or else is otherwise unemployed or seriously underemployed. If the person in question happens to be you, then we hope you were encouraged by the score you made on the Aptitude Test. If you did well -- congratulations!  In that event --

Step 2...

  ...is answering these three simple questions:

                         (1) Is your age 18 or over?
                         (2) Do you have a currently-valid driver's license?
                         (3) Do you have a decent driving record that has had no serious
                               moving violations applied to it during the last three years?

     Were you able to answer "Yes" to all three? If so -- keep reading. What you learn next could very easily be a turning point that can change your entire future life for the better. Few web sites do that -- but the JOB you're about to learn about CAN do that. And has done just that for hundreds of thousands of people over the last thirty years. (That's how long we've been providing folks with the gateway to this job. They have been wonderful outcomes to facilitate and observe!)

     If you can drive one of these...

     ...then you already are capable -- and possibly are already fully-qualified -- to drive any of these --



     And -- I'll bet you've never in your entire lifetime seen any vehicles like those above being transported on trucks, the way new cars are. If you ever have seen such a sight, that was for sure a very rare occurrence. Because it almost never happens. Except for passenger cars, pickup trucks, and minivans, almost all other brand-new vehicles are being driven from their points of manufacture or modification to the dealers and customers that abound all over North America, Australia, and Europe. And except for a small handful of truckers who have discovered that thay can deliver these vehicles, hassle-free and cargo-free, for about the same money (and often more) that trucking pays... almost all of these drivers are not truckers and former truckers. They are ordinary people, who come from all walks of life.

     Name any occupation you can think of (including even professional people; many doctors and dentists have done this). Ministers have creatively expanded their territory by employing this ability to travel at will. For those not doing this full-time, their part-time work gives a whole new meaning to moonlighting. Most moonlighting (i.e., second) jobs seem like chores. This supplemental work is far more like a continually-recurring adventure. Amazingly, no fewer than 95% of adults 18 and over already are fully qualified to do this. And no fewer than 100,000 people in North America are doing it, at any given time, either full-time, part-time, or on days off or vacations from regular jobs.

     I once worked in a police station, and noted with interest that every time his days off came along, the Chief was nowhere to be found. It was no secret. He was having a wonderful time earning a nifty side income roaming much of the USA on his weekends. Whatever the cop shop was paying him, he was supplementing that income very nicely.

Two Wondrous Aspects of This Job

     The first, and a very important one for many people these days is that this is available work! Millions of people are in great need of work during this recession, and unless too many people learn about this within a short period of time, this job can be the answer to people in layoff or piecemeal work situations. Suppose a person or family is in imminent danger of bankruptcy, or far worse yet, of foreclosure on their home. Would an income of $1,000 a week be enough to reverse that situation, and save the day? That is average pay for those who are doing this job. Figure that your earnings will be about $200/day for all the days that you do this, full-time, part-time, or on weekends.

     For full-time drivers, that works out to $50,000 a year. This job won't make you rich, but it can make you quite comfortable. And for many, it can avert a crisis. Because...


...is the number of new jobs that become available every month! And there's a very good reason for that: seniors 65 and over comprise fully one-third of the drivers who are doing this. A person who starts doing this when he or she is 25 or 40, say, might stay in it for decades. But that's not so likely for most of those 35,000 drivers doing this who are in their late 60s, 70s, and 80s. And as they retire, thousands of new positions open up for people of all ages to fill.

     So WHY aren't the companies using such drivers totally glutted with applicants? It's because relatively FEW people even realize that this job exists! When people see these vehicles being moved simply be being driven, they are seeing vehicles that simply blend in perfectly with the rest of the traffic. Even when the vehicles are moved in multiples. Should a person see three school busses following each other, for example, if he gives it any thought at all, he'd probably think that that the busses were on their way to pick up students, or were returning empty to a school. This very low awareness of the existence of this line of work provides the unemployed (and everyone else to whom it appeals) with a wonderful opportunity -- since there are no cross-training or educational prerequisites.

     The other wonderful aspect of this job is what it does for people who LOVE to travel! For Americans and Canadians, especially, travel is a hugely-popular pastime. Imagine actually being paid to roam North America's wonderlands at will, and to be able to routinely choose your destinations! It's phenomenal for writers and photographers. And for people who'd like to be able to visit ALL of their favorite cities and national parks! And for those who have friends and family members scattered all over the map.

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