Special Order Page for Those Who Enjoy
the Programs and Website of Ken & Daria Dolan

(...and even for those who haven't yet discovered them!)

     There's only one school on earth that fully enables you to obtain the job of delivering brand-new RVs and specialty vehicles from their 4,000+ manufacturing locations to the tens of thousands of dealerships and customers that they serve, and then start earning at the rate of $50,000 to $60,000 a year doing it, right from the first day of work -- and you're visiting its website.

     The course takes about six hours of study time at home to initally complete, but it is so detailed that we recommend further periodic review of the resources to achieve full proficiency. You also will find these materials very useful to carry along with you on your trips.

     If you still have any unanswered questions, please feel free to use the navigation buttons at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, if you're ready to take the course and then graduate and start driving, here are the Resources we'll provide to you, and the ways by which you can order them.

The Course Materials/Resource Package

     This is a Special Order Page that will be available for a limited time, to provide additional instructional media at a deep discount to all who may have seen this featured on the Dolans' website and/or heard about it on the national radio show of Ken and Daria Dolan. Or even if you haven't. While this page is available, anyone who wishes to use it may do so.

     Using this Order Page enables you to obtain a supplemental DVD in your order -- which normally sells for $34.95 -- for only $10.00. It provides visual guidance that walks you through the hiring process for this job.

     You will receive the following Course Materials:

The Complete E-Book on CD Handbook & Guide
for This Line of Work. The brand-new, 2011 Edition.
169 pages, 8-12" x 11".
Audio Compact Disk
80-minute Instructional
CD that contains Additional Material
and repeats portions of the Book
that are useful to hear while driving.
Major Database of
Prospective Employers
Provides detailed information
for hundreds of Prospective Employers
from all over the world, with particular
emphasis on the USA, Canada,
and Australia.
Our Instructional DVD
that visually depicts a Specific Method of
Performing the Job, and the Hiring Process.
At $24.95 off.
Specially-Discounted Bonus
for those who enjoy The Dolans.
Supplemental DVD Video Instruction.
Play it at home, or in the
vehicle, when safely parked.

     Please Note:  When you click on the button below, the Shopping Cart page that opens MAY offer you more than one type of Package. If that happens, and you choose one that does not mention the DVD, then you will receive the normal package of Resources, without the discounted DVD. If you choose the "w/DVD" option for $39.95 (less shipping), you will receive ALL of the above-listed Resources, including the discounted DVD. And if a "Heartline" option offers you the Resources for only $24.95 (less shipping), you should select that ONLY if you either are unemployed, or severely under-employed. (The discounted DVD is not included in that package of Resources.)

     In case you are presented with multiple types of packages, be sure to click on the "Remove" button for each option you do NOT wish to purchase. Then those options each should automatically disappear from the list in the Shopping Cart, as you do so.

     Again, IF you happen to see a "Heartline" option, we ask that you choose it ONLY if you either are unemployed or severely under-employed. This is an "honor system" situation, and the only way we can continue to provide this service to those in serious need is if ONLY those in that situation access it.

     If you prefer to order by mail instead, this will save us the credit card processing fee, and we will pass those savings on to you in the form of a discount. All of these prices are lower than if paying by credit or debit card. Remember that when doing it that way, the shipping fee is added in by the shopping cart, automatically. But the discounted fees below already include the shipping charge. Just print out the order form below (or copy it by any other means), fill it out, and mail it to us with your fee, made payable to: Travel.

     If ordering by mail, all of the prices below include the Discounted DVD. If you wish not to obtain DVD, then please follow the mail-in order instructions provided in either of the other Order Pages, and use the prices you'll see there. (The other Order Pages can be accessed easily by choosing one of the two "Order Page" buttons at the bottom of this page.)

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First, choose from these three mail-in payment options, each of which includes the total remittance
that covers ALL of Course and Resource Materials with the Discounted DVD, and the shipping.
(Check one):

____ Enclosed is payment in the form a check or money order to Travel in the amount of US$45.90.
      ____ DISCOUNT: Enclosed is a POSTAL Money Order to Travel (USA and Canada only) in the amount of US$42.90.
    ____ Enclosed is a U.S. Dollar International Money Order to Travel (if order is for overseas): US$47.90

Name: ___________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________ State/Prov.: ______ Code: __________

Standard Shipping is via First Class/Air Mail to ALL locations.

The above order information and your remittance should be mailed to this address:

Dolans' Special -- Dept. LR
123 Forest Circle
Evansdale, Iowa 50707-1013

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