Specialty Vehicles are Part of the Infrastructure,
so their Production has always been Recession-Proof

     The USA has 306 million people, and Canada another 30 million. Both countries have complex infrastructures to keep everything working, and transportation in all forms is an integral part of that. Thus, whether or not a recession is going on, production of North America's millions of specialty vehicles has always continued to be steady. Once you are doing this job, you also have excellent job security. Society will be depending on your services, too, and you therefore should be immune to being laid off.

     Despite all the media hype that has accompanied the current recession, the one of 1982-83 was far worse. The comparative maps below make that graphically clear. The most recently-mappable data was for January, 2009, and the National Unemployment Rate was 7.6%. In February, it was 8.1% -- but in November, 1982, it was a much-higher 10.8%. That's nearly 3% higher. At that time, I was delivering brand-new beverage route trucks (the type you see off-loading soda pop and beer at convenience stores, with the bay doors on the sides.) My income throughout the six years that I worked for that company -- 1980-85, inclusive, which crossed the entire recession -- was a very stable $52,000 per year. I wasn't even aware back then that there'd even been a recession.

     Even though I prepared these maps from official Bureau of Labor Statistics data, I doubt very much that you'll see this comparison on any of the TV networks' news shows anytime soon. Those folks appear to be more dedicated to hyping this situation to the hilt, thus gleaning all the ad revenue they can get. (Remember the old, "Whatever sells papers" strategy? We're probably very lucky that the news media apparently hadn't figured that out yet, with regard to the recession, back in 1982.) But the figures and the maps don't lie. Unfortunately, it appears that we can't say as much for the media and a great many of our politicians, who seem to be dedicated to trying to scare everyone half to death. Now YOU, however, know the TRUTH about this recession, vis-a-vis previous ones. You are now among the privileged FEW who know that.

     That having been said, though, this is a recession, even if it's not hell-bent on becoming a depression. But as you can see from the 2009 map, above, certain parts of the country are being impacted by it, while others -- such as most of the country's interior -- is barely feeling it at all. If you click on this button and then select North Dakota on the pull-down menu that appears, you'll get a real surprise!

     So how well can you expect to do, if you become a new-vehicle-delivery driver, in your home state? Or in any other state of your choosing? All you need to do to see our analysis of that, and recent county-by-county unemployment maps, for each of the individual 50 states, is to use that pull-down menu. You'll be happy to know that even if you do happen to live in a seriously-impacted state, we can still enable you to get this job, and be just as successful as I was during the Recession of the Early 1980s. The analysis that accompanies each state's map will provide you with the details. If you're unemployed or underemployed, and need to remedy that situation soon, our resources can turn that around for you very quickly. And for those who are doing fine, but would love to be paid to travel during their free time -- we can help you, too! Those resources can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate button below. And for all who decide to enhance their lives this way, we wish you countless wondrous travel adventures, for many years to come!

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