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Website-Crash Recovery Project Underway!

     A few days ago, a major crash of this entire website occurred at the web-hosting location. The good news is that it wasn't too difficult to get everything restored from backups. Except for the fact that we are having to re-enter all of the MAPS manually. That's the bad news -- this could take a few more days to complete. Until that's finished, there will be blank spaces where many of the headers, illustrations and maps should be. And possibly, too, for some of the icons. And in some cases, the entire page will be missing. Keep checking back, though, because that soon will be corrected.

     Meanwhile, however, the most important single item in this section is the comparison of the current recession (which they say officially ended in 2009) and the previous major one that took place almost 30 years earlier. That discussion, maps and all, was restored first, and is almost right at the top of the pull-down menu below. Just (1) click on the top item of the menu, then (2) choose "1982 vs. 2009 Recessions"... and then (3) click on the "Go" button.

     As soon as this section of the website has been restored to its previous level, this message will change, and simply will remind everyone that updating these maps will always be an ongoing task and a work in progress, because economic conditions change.

     Thank you for your patience.

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